1. What size are Nesara dresses?

Our princess cut kaftan style dresses are sewn with the following measurements:

  • The body circumference of the dress is 60"
  • The length is 45"
  • The arm hole openings are 9"

In general, they will fit sizes 0-14. If you're concerned about fit, please send us a message for more information. 

Our ruffle kaftans have sizing on the product page and have a different fit due to the tie waist. If you have fit questions, email us: shopnesara@gmail.com

2. Will my indigo dress fade?

Yes, with washing your indigo dyed dress will soften and fade slightly. We recommend using the gentle wash cycle. Be mindful of what you wash with your indigo dress with as it might transfer color. 

3. How do I wash my dress?

We recommend a gentle cool wash cycle with like colors and letting your dress air dry or using the dryer on low heat. Your dress will not shrink with washing or drying. You can use an iron as needed. 

For dresses with tassels, hand washing or a gentle cycle works best. 

4. What are the strings inside my dress for?

The elastic ties hidden inside your dress allow for a more fitted look. 

5. What other patterns and colors can we expect?

If you have ideas or suggestions, visit us on Instagram! We LOVE hearing from you and hope to expand our line soon. 

6. Why are there misprints in my fabric?

Misprints? No way! Hand block printed fabrics are just that - hand printed. That means you will see variations in the color/print throughout your garment. This is part of the unique character of the piece. Here's an example of color variation: 

7. Why is the print on my dress fading/lighter?

This is the nature of block printed fabric. It is made using natural dyes so washing leads to softening of the colors and fabric. We think the fabric ages beautifully.